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The global economy requires innovative strategies, broad understanding of dynamic and distant environments, and market-place flexibility. Most companies find they need stronger alliances, better intelligence, and more creative approaches to markets that are dynamic and challenging. This is especially true when you want to enter markets in other countries. If you want to enter the US market or if you are in the US market and wish to enter another country, contact us for assistance.


Our specialists can help leverage your strengths with international alliances.

Success in the market place requires extensive knowledge and almost instinctive awareness of local tastes, cultural norms, and behavior drivers. The investment required to develop this expertise can overwhelm even a highly experienced marketing team. The biggest challenge to market entry is TIME. The time it takes you to get up to speed on the market realities of a distant geography is time your competitors may be gaining on you.

You need expertise on the ground. You don’t have time to build it yourself. Whether you hire a local team or contract with a local agent, you need to know as much about them as you know about your own staff.

We can help you frame the market potential of a new or existing market space. Then we can identify and evaluate the range of possible alliances: suppliers, partners, customers, and even occasional competitors. We can match your culture and goals with the right match of skills, market knowledge, customer relationships, and other critical expertise.

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Our team can be your eyes and ears far from home.

International Marketing SupportIn this age when information rules, it is amazing how unreliable most of the readily available information actually is. Either you find old statistics, or the data is not just exactly what you need. If this is true in your home country(ies), imagine how much less reliable the information is when you are far away. Even if you hire a local market research firm, their biases may not truly reflect the market as you need to see it.

Our experts have years of experience in translating the success in one market into success in other markets. They understand the importance of fully understanding your comprehensive market strategy before delving into new information. The sources and methodologies vary dramatically in different geographies, in different industry sectors, in different cultural environments.

We have expertise in manufacturing, financial services, telecommunications, and a wide range of technology industries. Our experience has also created a valuable network of expertise throughout Europe – both Western and Central/Eastern – and Southeast Asia.

We can help you establish your product with the supply chain and distribution network necessary for efficiency and success in your new markets.

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