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MSI utilizes the experience and methodologies developed through managing high-growth and start-up companies to perform turnaround engagements. The advantages of utilizing MSI for a turnaround are:

  • fast diagnosis,
  • quick action to maintain viability,
  • interim management,
  • financial restructuring, and
  • after survival is probable, development and implementation of long range solutions to the problems that created the situation.

Turnaround engagements are provided for individual businesses or business units.

What do we do?

The engagement begins with a diagnostic to determine the areas requiring the most immediate attention. In addition to the experience we bring to the engagement we utilize a number of tools such as the Z-Score developed by Dr. Edward I. Altman and comparative data published by Robert Morris Associates to help pinpoint primary problem areas.

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Business TurnaroundWhile the diagnostic is in process, obvious problem areas are dealt with to maintain viability and provide evidence of action to creditors and suppliers. This usually involves assuming an interim management role. It is especially important that the management and board of directors realize that their fiduciary responsibilities change during this period. Instead of the board of directors representing the interests of stockholders, they start representing the interests of the creditors if the company is in the "area" of bankruptcy.

An important part of a turnaround generally involves restructuring all the firm's financial arrangements.

Once the immediate problems are addressed, we then turn to developing a long term survival strategy. This involves developing the vision and mission for the business and then implementing an operating plan for the next eighteen months.

Once these cures are in place, we then find the right management team to lead the firm into the future.

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As an outgrowth of our turnaround services MSI provides comprehensive services to individuals and firms starting new businesses or business units, acquiring new businesses or establishing new business relationships such as joint ventures. These services include business and operating plan development, acquiring financing, providing initial management and due diligence.

The benefits our clients have received from using MSI to manage their start-ups are:

  • concise, effective business plans,
  • fast rollout of the business for early profitability,
  • business processes developed using the latest technology and best practices,
  • fast, efficient and accurate due diligence of joint venture partners, and
  • an opportunity to test risky situations before major commitments are made.

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