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Management Solutions International, Inc., also known as MSI, draws on a broad base of management and consulting experience to provide support to its clients around the world. MSI’s principals and associates bring to this task a strong blend of practical business skills and creative organizational abilities.

Our consultants have pioneered in the area of project and business turnaround engagements for major multinational firms in the financial services and network services industries. MSI has consulted for companies with operations in over 230 countries.

This experience has demonstrated, to our clients, and us the necessity of bringing a comprehensive business perspective and rigorous planning methodologies to deal with the unique issues surrounding project and business turnarounds.

MSI brings to this process years of expertise in all major business disciplines, including finance, marketing, sales, manufacturing operations, service management, information technology, planning, international operations, and general management.

The industry backgrounds of our principals and associates include experience in financial services, manufacturing, electronics and semiconductors, software development, commodities trading, tourism, and consumer goods.

We speak the language of business, we understand the language of technology, and we know how important diligent planning is to the success of your business.

A partial list of clients:

Applied Photonics Research

Monsanto International

Bank of America


BBG Trading Ltd.

New Century Healthcare Institute

California Quartzware Corporation

Pacific Media Management, Inc.

Gnostic Concepts, Inc.

Sage Enterprises, Inc.

Hastin Bank

Republic of Komi Trading Company, Ltd.


RF Power Group, Inc.


Visa International

International Travelers Assist

Western Molding and Millwork Assoc.

Levi Strauss

XIDEX Microdisk

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